About Richard Ruane's Home Page

Site Creation Process

The site is designed as a multi-page tutorial, which dynamically updates the pages available and navigation process using PHP for server-side scripting based on html files added to the “pages” directory, thus working much like WordPress or other content management systems, but without using a database or authoring environment. Because the script is run on the server, it does not require the user’s browser to interpret the script.

Site creation follows a relatively simple process:

  1. Create the initial page content so that have the unique content for each page in the portfolio.
  2. Create the basic index.php page from which all other pages will be built.
  3. Create the CSS style sheet for the pages and link that to index.php.

While another user can create this site from the process provided here, he or she would need to be familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP in order to repeat these steps.

Create initial page content.

Create the style sheet.

The author’s primary concern in choosing a visual design to apply to the site was ensuring that he included all required visual elements.